My teaching is grounded in the knowledge that sound is its own artistic medium of expression and discipline of historical and theoretical inquiry.  I teach creative production classes in sound art, sound design, electro-acoustic music, improvisation and performance, documentary radio, radio art, acoustic ecology, and media history and theory with an emphasis on sound studies. The classes I teach are structured so that my students’ aesthetic responses evolve as they gain critical perspectives about their artistic abilities and come to understand how their works operate in culture.

I often look to the multivalent history of sound and music for influence, such as the paths that can be drawn from the music and sound of the 20th century and electronic music, radio and the recording arts, the visual arts, architecture and acoustics, computing, and the archive. The work of scholars such as Douglas Kahn, Jonathan Sterne, Emily Thompson, Brandon LaBelle, Paul Miller, Salomé Voegelin and Edward Shanken are authors I regularly assign. I also encourage my students to challenge assumptions related to technical and creative mastery by investigating alternative strains of vernacular, user-generated and DIY practices as they arose from folk, punk, noise, dub and hip hop, among others.



Former students:

Eshe', Chicago-based hip hop artist and producer.

Josh Gumiela, Assistant Professor of Digital Media Arts at Hamline University, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ben Kalina, COO, Titmouse Studios, Los Angles, California.

Allie Lee, media artist based in Massachusetts. 

Jenny Johnson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Radio, Television and Digital Media at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Alex Kirt, Assistant Professor of Mass Media, Northwest Missouri State University

Nick Nylen, Editor and Filmmaker based in Los Angeles,California.