Winter edition

Diverse Ecologies I am delighted to be guest-editing the next issue of Soundscape; The Journal of Acoustic Ecology. The issue, Sounds emergent: Diverse Ecologies, considers how we work with and define notions of ecology and to illustrate the variety of diverse approaches within and around recent sound practice and scholarship.  The issue will feature an new interveiw with celebrated sound studies author Jonathan Sterne as well as a special guest essay by cultural theorist and one of today’s leading writers on ecology, Timothy Morton. Additional essays by the writers and artists Scott Smallwood and Sarah Lewison.

Moving Sounds  Phylis Johnson and I are Co-editing a new book with McFarland Press titled Moving Sounds: A Cultural History of the Car Radio. We are excited about the variety of perspectives and are hoping to develop a companion radio series as well. 


Antenna test, Shryock Auditorium 2016.