I will be in Tempe Arizona this week at the Balance Unbalance confernece and festival. Colleague and friend, Doug Quin and I have assembled a concert with a fantastic series of connecting essays by Carolyn Philpott. Click on the bold link below for a .pdf of the catalog.  

Sonic Reckonings is a 60-minute concert of contemporary music about Antarctica. As the only continent that is governed by a treaty between nations, Antarctica is both a space of scientific and creative inquiry, a source of inspiration and forecast for the late Holocene. The program combines live performances by Doug Quin and Jay Needham, as well as a selection of outstanding works for tape by some of the world’s leading “polar” sound artists, including Philip Samartzis, Lawrence English, and Cheryl Leonard. The performance will include a special edition of program notes to be authored by music theorist and musicologist Dr. Carolyn Philpott. She has a particular interest in musical responses to Antarctica and she regularly contributes to the Bachelor of Antarctic Studies program offered through the University of Tasmania’s Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS).


 Rock marker on Deception Island.