Photo © Victoria Murillo, via Biomuseo 


Installation: I am returning to Panama next week to install a new soundscpae inside the BioMuseo. The 11 min. soundsapce will be part of the permanent installations in the Hall of Biodiversity. Designed by noted architect Frank Gehry, the BioMuseo features eight, gallery-style exhibits designed in conjunction with Bruce Mau. I am delighted to be working on this project as museum design and the display of natural history has interested me for many years now. Smithsonian has a write-up about the project.

My video This is a Recording will be screened at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival as a part of A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013. The series is under the Patronage of the European Parliament in partnership with the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival & artvideoKOELN hosted by The Museum of the History of Polish Jews. 


Leonardo Music Journal 23, MIT Press Instruments of Tension: Gramophones, Springs and the Performance of Place, Jay Needham with Eric Leonardson.

Original music and sound design for Fool for Love by Sam Shepard. Directed by Susan Patrick Benson. Nov. 21-24 McLeod Theatre, SIUC.

Spring 2014

Moving Sounds: A Cultural History of the Car Radio, Phylis Johnson and Jay Needham ed. Peter Lang publishing.