Fall 2019 

On October 13th, I will perform a new piece titled Current State during Confluence Ecologies. The events are a part of the impressive project, Mississippi: An Anthropocene River.  

Current State is a sound composition and performance for radio that has been inspired by the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and the history of human presence in the region. The composition features sounds gathered live from beneath the surface of both major rivers and is also composed of melodic and rhythmic motifs from the American folk music genre. Current State also represents a set of uncertain conditions about weather and hydrology as the point of confluence of the rivers at Ft. Defiance State Park Illinois is presently underwater. It is proposed that attendees will be able to listen to Current State via portable FM radios in the park or in vehicles equipped with FM radios at or near Ft. Defiance, but the unfixed and fluid nature of climatic circumstances may shift the composition’s shape and direction. 


Still from the performance of Radio Piano, Curated by Todd Birsong for The Clemens Fine Arts Center, Paducah KY. 2019